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Sustainable Development Goals

About The Goals


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The Cause

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an aggressive, but achievable group of objectives that, if attained, will make the world a much better place. The 17 goals seek to end poverty, ensure food security, make access to healthcare universal, protect the environment, and much more. Success will require meaningful engagement by charities, for-profit corporations and governments.


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The Facts

• Poverty, hunger, health, education and the climate continue to be pressing global challenges.
• The 17 SDGs can be grouped into six “essential elements”: dignity, people, planet, prosperity, justice and partnership.
• International development works. Between 1990 and 2015, the number of those living in extreme poverty has fallen from an estimated 1.9 billion to 836 million.
• Corporations can play an important role by leading change and innovation, using business practices in developing regions to spur sustainable economic growth, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, championing peace and gender equality, and providing much-needed financial support.

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The Funds

Global Impact’s SDG Funds enables you to provide financial support to a select group of highly respected charities that have direct programs that are tied to many of the SDG themes. The funds are a great choice for individual donors looking to make an impact, or a company that wants to engage in the SDGs in a cost-effective way. Your contributions go directly to supporting real and meaningful work directly related to the goals, and thus to those who need it most.



Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goal Funds

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